about us

MOMENTUM ADVANCED PORT SERVICES is a PACECO® Licensee and it is the unique Company in Europe with the right of use of PACECO® trademark and products and developments patented by PACECO® Corporation.

MOMENTUM ADVANCED PORT SERVICES has the know-how of the Engineering, Design and Manufacture of the whole projects performed by the PACECO® Group, particularly of the former company PACECO ESPAÑA from which owns the data base and the crane projects and systems executed during its 49 years activity.

MOMENTUM ADVANCED PORT SERVICES activity is developed from three business areas: SERVICES, TOS Software and SPYDER Software. To perform the different projects within the three areas, the company has an expert Technicians and Engineers Team with long experience in Container Terminals field so we can offer our customers a high reliability and quality on the projects execution.

Here below is a summary of the projects performed from every business area, as follows,

== SERVICES: Turn-key projects for the upgrading, refurbishment, modifications, and repairs of container cranes design. Structural inspections. Maintenance inspections. Spare parts supply. Training and Technical Consultancy and Technical Assistance.

== SOFTWARE TOS POSEIDON: Consultancy and Automation Terminal Management System Software.

== Software IoT SPYDER: Data Analysis and Detection System during the machine operation for the technical, operation and crypto-economic input data.